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Sweet Tooth
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My opinion on this goes in this order, and when replying, please give decent justification to it like I have and not something like this "T-29 IS BEST I GET 4 KILLS A GAME AND HAVE 70% WINS IN IT WOOHOOO"
1 - Tiger P, 200mm frontal, accuracte high pen' gun, fearsome against noobs (they don't know where to shoot whatsoever)

2 - IS-1/2, nice sloped frontal armor as well as angled but not as much as IS-3's, packs a hell of a punch, nice track traverse speed and is very mobile, also fearsome against noobs

3 - KV-3, this beast just frightens the absolute gas out of tier 9's when I shoot them in the side or ass, because usually whenever anyone (including myself) is facing opponents 2 tiers below them, they tend to underestimate them, and the 122mm really wakes them up, and as I said before, myself included

4 - T-29, although I don't own this tank, I still acknowledge it's ability, a combination of the 88 and the 122 makes it the median between the Tiger's and the Russian tier 7's, this makes it good at all ranges especially mid-range as it does enough damage to make a statement but keeps accuracy to hit reliably, the only drawback of this tank is its' iPhone frontal armor... my M4 can pen that

5 - SU-152, this is the only other tank I can acknowledge in my top 5 as this is the only one that stands out against the others, the fast 122 makes this thing deadly, and any smart driver of this tank can make it difficult to be corners or flanked, like a warthog holding off two lion's....(without the guns)



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KV 3. Loved that tank. T-29 american I never had that.. So I wouldnt know.

Love your signature.. lol knock knock


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all tier 7 tds i have played are awesome have not played french or t25/2

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