Want to join in the fight? Here's how you can!

Are you looking to join a fun, team based tactical clan, that is competitive yet relaxed? Well nothing protects you from Mayhem like us, so look no further, We have a huge Team Speak 3 server and a large diverse group of members from all over the planet! So roll on over.. join the team.. and come on in for the big win! It's time for a little Mayhem.



After you make a profile here on our site you gain access to much more content and can talk with everyone freely. Please make yourself at home and once you are done follow this link in the Forums if you need help finding out how to join the clan and get your [MAYHM] tags in game!

How to join TheStalkersOfMayhem 

Thank you!


                                            Let's go to school! 


New to the game? Tired of being owned? Want to learn the basic's and beyond right now?  Check out these video's from Wargaming.net you wont be disappointed! Tutorial's which describe everything from how clan wars works to the tactic's used in them! So take a few minute's and watch em all! You will be shown actual in game footage and dont worry.. its HD.

                                                               Wargaming.net Tutorial Video's Link

Staying up to date on everything World Of Tanks !

Want to know everything about whats going on in the World of Tanks? You will need to do some reading but its well worth the time! The WoT Forums can give you insight in to the new patches, server downtime, specials, events, upcoming tanks and game mechanics ect ect... So make an account and get to it! 

If you dont have it Get it! TeamSpeak 3 is our choice for voip!

For anyone new or trying to get in to The Stalkers Of Mayhem: Team Speak 3 is how we communicate outside of these forums! So if you plan to play in Clan Wars or to get to know the rest of the players you better be in Team Speak!  Download TS3 HERE!



Sometimes computers can be stressful.. we can help!

 If any of you run in to a problem with your computer and cant fix it.. chances are someone here has had that problem or can help you fix it! With TeamViewer we can fix your computer from home and its made to be simple and easy to use! Visit http://www.teamviewer.com  for more info.

 The download can be found here: Team Viewer download page 


Wargaming.net is on fire! I guess all those gold rounds added up!

 SO most of you already know about World Of Warplanes and World Of Warships ... but for those who dont you should know they have the potential to become just as popular if not MORE popular than WOT is today!

 With the over 20,000,000 users making Wargaming.net double digit million's MONTHLY! It also holds a Guinness World Record for most player's on one server! You cant except less than epic now! Read more for yourself here on a blog I surfed (Mind you this blog was from March) massively.joystiq.com . They are an aspiring MMO Blog site that keep's tabs on whats new and impressing the community. Pretty small but still handy for those who play multiple games~   

 In the end.. we just made these Russian geek's really rich and they give us a cool game to shoot each other in.. wish I spent the last 10 years learning coding and game development skills so I could of made millions!!                    

 Here is a link to the video on how the integration will work! This site wont let me have more than one video up at a time for some reason at the moment.. so Enjoy!