The first individual event for 0.8.3 !

Posted by Pushaway on February 1, 2013 at 12:55 AM

Contest Details & Rules


Battle results that are counted will not included bonuses (Premium Account, double XP for first victory of day, etc.).

Only random battles will count. No Clan Wars nor company battles will be counted.

No screenshots, replays, or any other player submitted content is required to win. We'll be pulling these stats direct from our database.

Only your stats when playing as any of the new Chinese tanks will count.

How to Win Gold


It's simple: place in the top 100 of XP earners in any of the following groups, and you'll be rewarded with gold (the reward amount is based on the tier group). Since there are 17 tanks eligible for this contest, we'll be awarding over 1,700 prizes -- that's 17 "Top 100" lists.


Top Players (XP Earned) in Chinese Tanks Tier I to IV: 1,000

Renault NC-31

Vickers Mk. E Type B

Type 2397 Chi-Ha

M5A1 Stuart

Top Players (XP Earned) in Chinese Tanks Tier V to VIII: 2,500




Type T-34

Type 58





Top Players (XP Earned) in Chinese Tanks Tier IX to X: 5,000



WZ-111 Model 1-4


How to Win Tanks


Gold isn't the only thing we're giving away. If you manage to make it into the "Top 3" in any of the tier groups, you'll be rewarded with a tank or Premium time. Already own the tank? You'll get the gold equivalent instead.


1st Place: Tier VIII Type 59 plus Garage Slot

2nd Place: Tier VII Type 62 plus Garage Slot

3rd Place: One Month Premium Time

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